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A Photo from the March, 1963, North Central Branch, Entomological Society of America, Colloquium  on the Odonata at Purdue University.

Odonatologists at the 1963 Purdue Colloquium.

FRONT ROW (L-R): Harold B. White III, James K. Ettman, R. Duncan Cuyler, J.A.L. Watson, William Lease, Charles N. Boehms.

SECOND ROW (L-R): Merle E. Jacobs, Neva L. Currie, Emilie J. Alward, Leonora K. Gloyd, Alice Ferguson Beatty, Juanda C. Bick, Mary Davis Ries.

THIRD ROW (L-R): Thomas W. Donnelly, Robert W. Alrutz, Minter J. Westfall, Jr., Oliver B. Flint, B. Elwood Montgomery, Phillip S. Corbet, CHarles E. Jenner, Jerry M. Macklin.

BACK ROW (L-R): Carsten Ahrens, George H. Bick, George H. Beatty, Donald J. Borror, Paul D. Harwood, CLifford Johnson, Robert B. Cummings, Paul Lutz, George Eller.

This picture scanned from the Proceedings North Central Branch - E.S.A. Vol. 18 - 1963.  Page 156.


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