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Right: A spider lunching on an American Rubyspot (Calopterygidae: Hetaerina americana).  Photo by Roy Beckemeyer.
Last updated 4 February 2004. Added Odonatologica 32 and Pantala 6.

Includes complete citations from the journals: Odonatologica, Notulae Odonatolgicae, Advances in Odonatology, Bulletin of American Odonatology, Pantala, the International Journal of Odonatology, the Odonata series from Opuscula Zoologica Fluminensia and odonate-related papers from the Journal of the North American Benthological Society, as well as miscellaneous works that I have accumulated in the form of reprints or xerox copies. This is a fairly comprehensive list of citations covering thousands of pages of odonate-related publications, and of course can be searched using Netscape or other browser editors. While some work is cited in one or more of the categories, most are cited only in the most relevant category. For example, a discussion of a single species in Ohio would be listed under the taxon, whereas a list of species found to occur in a river system in Ohio would be cited in the faunistics bibliography. Entries are listed alphabetically by author.

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