A Web Page by The Beckemeyer Kids (Roy Beckemeyer (now in Wichita, KS), Elaine Beckemeyer Soule (now in Boise, ID), Richard Beckemeyer (now in Breese, IL), and Jane Beckemeyer Hempen (now in Taylorville, IL))

Last Updated 11 November 2003

Our Mom and Dad:


Wedding picture of Roy Stanley Beckemeyer and Loretta Marie Anderhalter.Mom and Dad's wedding picture.


Left: Our parents' wedding picture.  Our dad, Roy Stanley Beckemeyer, was born March 3, 1915, and died May 25, 1958.  Our mother, Loretta Marie Anderhalter Beckemeyer, was born June 10, 1919, and died March 26, 1980.

Right: Wedding party: from left, dad's brother, Gilbert (Gib), best man, mom's sister, Mary Ann, Maid of Honor, mom, dad.  This picture was sent to us by Shelly Weeks, granddaughter of dad's sister, Juanita, and is the picture that was inscribed to Juanita by mom and dad (lower right hand corner of frame).




Roy Stanley Beckemeyer and Loretta Marie Anderhalter Beckemeyer on their honeymoon.  The famous picture taken with a stick to reach the shutter.

Right:  Our mom and dad on their honeymoon somewhere in Clinton County, Illinois.  Dad clicked the shutter with a stick, seen on the left side of the picture.



City limit sign along old Highway 50 at west end of Beckemeyer, Illinois.


Left: The city limit sign on the west edge of Beckemeyer as it looks today (July, 2003).  The population when we lived there as kids was 1000, so it hasn't grown much.  


The first house we lived in as it looks today.Right: The first house our family lived in in Beckemeyer, Illinois, still stands.  Here is what it looks like today (July, 2003).  It was on the northeast corner of Randolph and Fourth Streets.  The porch with the columns is on the southwest corner of the house, and the room north of the porch was our living room.




Roy Joseph Beckemeyer and his mother at home in Beckemeyer, Illinois about 1942.

Left: Roy Joseph Beckemeyer and mom.  Probably taken in 1942.  This is at the house in Beckemeyer, Clinton County, Illinois, were we lived during a good part of our childhood.  The steps shown were on the south side of the porch, and are no longer located there on the house today (picture above right).  We moved  into a larger house across the street in the 50's.



The second house we lived in as it looks today.

Right: In the 50's we moved from our rental house to one we bought.  It was directly across the street to the south of the first house.  The picture shows how it looks today (July 2003).  Randolph Street runs north and south.  The view is looking to the southeast at the west side of the house, which sits on the southeast corner of Randolph and Fourth.



Our second house in Beckemeyer, Illinois as it looks today.







Left above: View looking south on Randolph Street in Beckemeyer.  The house is the second one we lived in.  The kid's bedrooms were upstairs, the boys in the room facing west, the girls in the one facing north.  At the time we lived there, the living room was in the northwest corner of the house, the kitchen in the northeast corner.  There were and still are open farm fields a block south of the house that usually were planted to corn.  That is where we got our corn for shelling for Halloween.


Gilbert R. (Gib) Beckemeyer and Roy S. Beckemeyer and their sons.

Right: Brothers Gilbert (Gib) (left) and Roy S. Beckemeyer (right) and their new sons, David (left) and Roy (right, with the huge head).






Roy Joseph and Elaine Beckemeyer in the front yard in Beckemeyer, Illinois.



Left:  Elaine and Roy in the yard of our first house.  We had plumbing for kitchen water in the house, but not a bathroom, so used a "two-holer" in the combination shed/garage until we moved into the house across the street that did have plumbing.  No central heat, either, a stove in the living room, and a cooking stove in the kitchen.  We often got dressed in front of the open oven door in the winter.  




Our dad with a catfish - the little girl is our cousin, Nikki List.

Right: Our father holding a nice catfish.  We ate a lot of catfish as kids.  Not just at home.   Fish-fry's were the social and fund-raising events of choice for local volunteer fire departments, church socials and so on.  The little girl next to him is, I believe, our cousin, Nikki List (daughter of Olive, dad's sister).  I can remember spending nearly every summer evening cleaning fish after dad and I ran his trot lines.  To this day I would rather release the fish I catch than clean them!




Elaine, Richard, Roy J., and our dad, Roy S. Beckemeyer holding Jane.

Left: One of the few pictures we have of our dad with the four kids.  He must have usually been taking the pictures.




Elaine, Rick, Jane, and Roy.  What cute kids those Beckemeyer's were!

Right: the four of us without dad in the picture.  Looks like Jane wants to go join him.





Anderhalter siblings & their families.

Left: Kate Anderhalter, her children and grandchildren about 1947.  Standing, from left.  Kate, Loretta Beckemeyer holding baby Rick and trying to get Roy to show himself, Elizabeth, holding Betty Ann with Mary Catherine standing beside her, Betty Anderhalter (Bud's wife), and Bud holding daughter Sharon.  Sitting, from left, Marguerite Beckemeyer holding son Bobby Dennis, her husband, Bob Beckemeyer, with daughter Kathy, Roy Beckemeyer holding daughter Elaine, Mary Ann Anderhalter and Rita Anderhalter.




Grandma Anderhalter with mom, us kids, and mom's sister, Elizabeth's family.Right: From the left are: Katherine Anderhalter, Roy J. Beckemeyer, Elaine Beckemeyer, Jane Beckemeyer (in front of our mom, Loretta Beckemeyer).  To mom's left is her sister, Elizabeth Weber, holding Claire.  In front of her is Mary Catherine.  Betty Ann is in front of her father, Bill Weber, and next to Bill is his father.  




4Generations.JPG (106689 bytes)

Left: Four generations.  From left, Kate Vollet Anderhalter, Sophi Vollet, Elaine Beckemeyer held by Loretta Anderhalter Beckemeyer.


ElaineRick&Jane.JPG (81060 bytes)

Right: Three of the Beckemeyer kids.  Richard Lee, Elaine, and Jane.






Beckemeyer and Puckett kids.Beckemeyer and Puckett kids.Left and right: The Beckemeyer and Puckett kids.  From left are Pam Puckett behind Richard Beckemeyer, Daniel Beckemeyer, David Beckemeyer behind Nikki List, Jane Beckemeyer, Roy Beckemeyer, Elaine Beckemeyer and Pat Puckett.  Nikki is the youngest daughter of Olive Beckemeyer List, Pat and Pam the kids of Audrey Beckemeyer Puckett, Daniel and David the two boys of Gilbert Beckemeyer.




Elaine1stGrade&Blackie.JPG (71351 bytes)Jane&JudySimonton.JPG (42105 bytes)


Left, Elaine (1st grade) and our dog, Blackie. 


 Right: Jane at her First Communion (left) with her friend and our neighbor, Judy Simonton.  





Jane&RoyJun57.JPG (85059 bytes)

Left: 1957 in Beckemeyer, Illinois.  Jane and Roy.






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